Get involved. 

The best thing citizens can do to preserve Calvert County is to Get Involved.
Your Voice CAN Make a Difference in the Direction this County is headed!

Citizen Participation is key to preserving our Quality of Life. Here are some suggestions to stay involved: 

  • Attend public meetings;

  • Join groups on Facebook and share info with friends, family and neighbors;

  • Join your local homeowners or citizens association. Don't have one? Start one!

  • Watch the Commissioners' regular Tuesday meetings on demand;

  • Subscribe to the local newspapers and write Letters to the Editor when want to share your views;

  • Join Keep Calvert Country by completing the form on the right!

About Us

“Keep Calvert Country” is a non-partisan group of Calvert County citizens who believe in an open government by the people and for the people. We love Calvert’s Rural Character and want to protect Calvert’s Quality of Life.

We are not anti-growth, but we want Calvert to grow no faster than its infrastructure. In other words, to "Grow Responsibly". 

Our Platform

Keep Calvert Country developed a Platform which lists the issues that are important to us, and then included details of how we believe those issues should be addressed. We use our Platform as a basis for all we do.


View our Blogs on current topics such as the updating of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance, government happenings and the subject we all know way too much about: TRAFFIC!

Have an idea for a Blog? Want to be a guest blogger? Email us here.

Get Involved

Now is a critical time in Calvert County. The new Comprehensive Plan proposes expansion of all Town Centers, plus higher-density residential areas in and adjacent to the TCs. We encourage all citizens to get involved now before it's too late! Use the button to join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook.

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