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News Articles Re: Feb 26th Public Hearing

News articles about the Planning Commission's 2/26/19 public hearing on the Comp Plan. The PC voted to hold the record open for additional comments until their March 20th regular meeting. Send your comments to:

KCC-GR's comments from the February 26, 2019 public hearing. For those who were unable to attend and wish to read our comments. The Planning Commission voted 4-2 (with Buehler and Holler opposed) to defer action and leave the record open until their regular March 20th meeting. If you wish to submit written comments before then, email them to:

To read the 1000+ citizen comments that have been submitted thus far in the process, click here.

Many citizens recently expressed outrage when maps showing that four options for the new Bay Bridge are being considered within Calvert County, but what they don't realize is the new Comprehensive Plan may bring even more traffic. PLUS, unlike the bridge which is busy on summer weekends, the new Comp Plan would allow people come to stay - building houses and overcrowding not only our roads but our schools and draining other government services as well.

A careful review of all Action Items related to Land Use reveals many disturbing issues that could result in unintended (or maybe they are intended?) consequences.

KCC's Edits to Chapters 2, 6 & 8 for Aug 22nd Work Session

KCC decided to try a different approach to commenting on the draft Comp Plan. Since the PC is reviewing each chapter separately, we decided to "mark up" the chapters with edits we'd like to see incorporated, and included comments to explain our edits as well.  We will be working on editing the remaining chapters and submitting them to the PC.

Proposed County Office Bldg at Armory

Moving County offices to the old Armory is a bad idea for several reasons, as demonstrated in this document.

The PC held a work session on January 10th with the consultant and staff to discuss the public comments and to give the consultant guidance on how to proceed with the 2nd draft. KCC was very pleased with the discussion about: (a) not expanding Huntingtown across Route 2/4; (b) request for a Transportation Plan; and (c) adding language back in about the "buildout".  We followed it up with this letter expressing our opinions/concerns.

KCC's Presentation is on Youtube!

If you missed our November 30th meeting with P&Z, we've uploaded narrated videos of Greg's presentation to Youtube.  They're broken down by topic. Check them out!

KCC ran a full-page ad listing our concerns about the Comp Plan.

Calvert Recorder Coverage of Nov 30th KCC Mtg.

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MDOT Transportation Report

On page 13 of this report, you'll find the County Commissioners' prediction that traffic on Route 4 will increase to 83,600 by 2030.

Once the 1st Draft came out, citizens were alarmed to see many changes that were NOT presented at the various workshops, such as expansion of the Huntingtown Village across Route 2/4 and a new "Suburban Residential" district surrounding the major Town Centers.

Questions Re: New Comp Plan

We have combed through the new Comprehensive Plan and come up with several questions we feel need to be answered before the next draft is created.  Please feel free to use this as an outline for questions you may want to raise at this week's open houses. If you don't get a satisfactory answer, email us at

The first draft of the new Comprehensive Plan was released in October 2017. 

Current Comprehensive Plan

The current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2004 and Amended in 2010.

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