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About Keep Calvert Country

Keep Calvert Country is a non-partisan group of Calvert County citizens who believe in an open government by the people and for the people. We love Calvert’s Rural Character and want to protect Calvert’s Quality of Life.

We are not anti-growth, but we want Calvert to grow no faster than its infrastructure and environment can sustain. As our tagline states, we are "Citizens for Responsible Growth & Government".


Responsiblere·spon·si·ble rəˈspänsəb(ə)l/, adjective, Having sound judgement, fair and sensible. Synonyms: rational, logical, just, equitable, intelligent, wise, fair-minded levelheaded, practical, realistic, tenable, plausible, credible, believable, suitable, appropriate and sustainable.


Mission Statement: We strive to use our collective knowledge to help educate County citizens on current issues and threats to our Quality of Life, and to encourage citizen participation at every level. We insist upon a County Government that is ethical, encourages citizen participation, takes actions to protect our Quality of Life, including our natural environment, and is equitable for all citizens.  We welcome all citizens to join us in our efforts to preserve our precious County. 

History of "Keep Calvert Country":  The phrase, "Keep Calvert Country" was first coined in the 1970's, when bumper stickers adorned many automobiles, with citizens expressing concerns even then that excessive growth threatened the pristine County, whose population at the time was only 28,000.  Thomas L. Rymer, a local Attorney, went on to use the phrase as a popular slogan for his campaign to win a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates, where he served from 1971 to 1987. Like many citizens, Rymer was active in the adoption of the first Comprehensive Plan in 1974 and is credited with coming up with the name: "The Pleasant Peninsula Plan". 

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