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#KeepCalvertThis - Share Your Photos Here - #KeepCalvertThisNotThis

What is it about Calvert County that you love and want to see preserved/protected/kept? We are fortunate to be bordered on one side by the Chesapeake Bay and the other by the Patuxent River, with plenty of beautiful vistas in between. Besides our natural areas, we also have plenty of historic structures such as tobacco barns,churches, etc., but we also have other features we want to Keep about Calvert - schools that are not overcrowded, country roads, community and cultural activities, etc. etc.

Use the box below to upload your photo. Add a description and your email in case we have any questions. Then watch our site to see your photo added to our collection.  Thanks for participating! 

By pressing "Send", I affirm that I am the owner of the photo (or that I have the owner's permission) and I agree to allow the photo and related info to be displayed on and on social media. Keep Calvert Country reserves the right to reject any photo that is inappropriate or does not fit within the scope of this website. Please contact us if you wish to withdraw your submittal at any time.

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