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They're Still Not Listening!

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

KCC has reviewed Planning & Zoning's proposed presentation to the Commissioners entitled, "Response to Pubic Comment", which is scheduled to be presented Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 11:10 a.m.

Our detailed responses can be found here.

While at least acknowledging our comments for a change (something that has never before happened in this Comprehensive Plan process), it appears they are still not listening to us. What we cannot understand is why county government will not take the questions and complaints that have been made about this plan over the last three years seriously. Staff's presentation doesn't offer any new material. It is simply a repeat of the same old arguments we've been hearing for the last three years, which are, essentially:

1. There are already enough growth controls in place. We no longer need to worry about too much or too rapid growth.

2. We shouldn't worry about the proposed expansion of Town Centers because all will be taken care of during the Master Plan updates.

3. We don't need to say anything more about preserving rural character because tier maps will take care of it.

Obviously, many citizens are worried. We're not convinced that everything will be just fine. If staff or whoever is running this show thinks we need to stimulate more growth, make a case for it. And while doing so, address citizen concerns about traffic congestion, high density development, strip commercial development, failure to keep up with the need and demand for infrastructure, and destruction of rural character.

Paint a picture for us of all the wonderful things that will happen to Calvert County once this plan is adopted. Show us how we can grow in all the ways outlined in this plan - along the highway, out into rural areas, up into high density housing - while at the same time keeping all the wonderful characteristics of the county that so many of us treasure.

That has not been done and that's why so many citizens are unhappy with this plan and this process.

This isn't the first plan that has met with resistance from citizens. But it is the first plan that will not take citizen concerns seriously and will not budge. There should be a collaborative effort to seek consensus and common ground but that just hasn't happened.

To add insult to injury, the Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the Plan one week prior to release of the Transportation Plan findings - why not wait a week?!? What are they afraid of? That the findings will prevent them from approving their growth plan?

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