Other Options for the Proposed Calvert County Administration Building at the Armory

The Commissioners have made this $50M decision without asking citizens for input, yet they've also said no one has come forward with alternative locations for the office building. In this video, we present several (much cheaper) alternatives and explain why moving County offices off Main Street is a very bad idea. It's $50M in debt that we and our children will have to pay back!


Direct link: https://youtu.be/XlEbYOHR4Zg

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“Keep Calvert Country” is a non-partisan group of Calvert County citizens who believe in an open government by the people and for the people. We love Calvert’s Rural Character and want to protect Calvert’s Quality of Life.

We are not anti-growth, but we want Calvert to grow no faster than its infrastructure. In other words, to "Grow Responsibly". 

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Keep Calvert Country developed a Platform which lists the issues that are important to us, and then included details of how we believe those issues should be addressed. We use our Platform as a basis for all we do.


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