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As You Like It- Rosalind

As You Like It- Rosalind

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KCC’s Initial Assessment of the Comprehensive Plan Draft 2:

Below are concerns that Keep Calvert Country has with the 2nd Draft of the Comprehensive Plan.

For details on each issue, read our blog entitled, “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” written by

Greg Bowen, AICP and former Planning Director. It can be viewed here

These issues will be discussed in more detail at our forum.



  • Our current and future traffic problems are still not addressed in the 2nd draft. This is the biggest quality of life issue that County citizens face: The Commissioners project 72% traffic volume increase to 83,500 trips per day through Prince Frederick by 2030 which is 39% more trips per day than on MD 5 north of Waldorf. That traffic increase will be felt along the entire MD 4 corridor.

  • The Transportation Section is simply misleading and inadequate.



  • The consultant misrepresents the growth potential and underestimates projected growth.

  • The build-out (max # of households) has been removed and the Plan recommends actions that will increase residential development.

  • It increases density to the benefit of developers, who will be allowed to develop more in the Town Centers while purchasing fewer TDRs (also adversely affecting the agricultural preservation program)

  • New “Residential Areas” are proposed around Town Centers which will increase residential buildout.

  • Developer–funded extension of public water and sewer into the “Residential Areas” is recommended around Prince Frederick, Lusby and Solomons.

  • The Plan allows privately-funded community sewage treatment facilities to serve commercial, industrial and employment uses located outside Town Centers and Residential Areas, intensifying the amount of commercial development allowed.

  • Prince Frederick is proposed to increase by 83% and Solomons and Lusby are bein