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Please Attend the August 6th County Commissioners' Meeting!

Staff's "Response" to Public Comments

Planning & Zoning staff has prepared a presentation scheduled for Tuesday, July 30th, which purportedly responds to citizen comments. We think it's all more of the same "non-answers" that we've been getting for the past three years.

KCC-GR has prepared detailed responses to staff's presentation, which can be viewed here.

There are still so many unanswered questions. Why are they refusing to re-institute the language that ties residential growth to the adequacy of our roads, schools and aquifers?


KCC-GR's Public Hearing Comments

Thank you to all who attended the July 23rd Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing. The room was packed with over 450 people according to the Fire Marshal Inspector who was there, in a room designed to hold 145! Below are links to the documents submitted into the record, including a table listing the 762 signatures (and comments) received via our petition as of July 23rd. 

At the conclusion of the hearing, the Commissioners voted to hold the record open until 4:30 p.m. July 24thWe will keep our petition open until then. When you sign the petition, it is emailed directly to each Commissioner and will be entered into the record.

Use the links below to read our comments and supporting documents:

Submit your comments via the County website here:

KCC-GR's Recommended Changes to the Comprehensive Plan

We feel like we should change our name to "Calvert County Broken Record"! We, along with many citizens, have submitted hundreds (if not thousands) of pages of comments to the Planning Commission and County Commissioners and have been completely ignored! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  

Please join us at the July 23rd Hearing - it's our LAST SHOT AT SAVING OUR QUALITY OF LIFE!

Below are KCC-GR's original 6 changes we recommended to the Planning Commission. With the exception of #3 which (we've been told) is being deleted from the Plan, we are recommending them again to the Commissioners. We had to add 2 more to address the absurd proposal to homogenize the Town Centers and to expand Huntingtown.

  1. The Plan should promote sustainable development by continuing to link the amount, location and rate of residential growth to County land use objectives, including highway, school, water quality and aquifer capacities and continuing to monitor residential growth and the effectiveness of existing regulations to control growth.

  2. The plan should not include any maps showing future Town Center expansion or adjacent residential area boundaries or include any specific zoning changes within these areas. The plan should state that any expansions or changes in zoning should be considered during updates to Town Center Master Plans upon consideration of adequacy of the county road network, aquifers and schools.

  3. Proposed to be Deleted from Plan  [The Plan should not allow privately funded community sewage treatment facilities to serve commercial, industrial, and employment uses outside town centers and within residential areas. Doing so would increase residential and commercial development outside the town centers, creating sprawl, and will result in the County being responsible for the systems if they fail.]

  4. The Plan should strengthen its position on land preservation. The Plan states that rural character and rural economies are a key to the future of Calvert County but the only actions it calls for will weaken the highly successful Program. It should either improve the opportunities to transferable development rights or re-commit to the purchase of development rights as began in 1999.

  5. The plan should oppose a bay bridge crossing from Calvert County. Because Calvert only has one main highway, bridge traffic would have a huge impact on quality of life.

  6. The Plan should restore the water quality standards for fresh and salt water and should restore level of service standards for roads that are contained in the current Plan.

  7. The Huntingtown citizens convinced the Planning Commission NOT to expand Huntingtown, yet it is once again proposed to be expanded to include Commissioner McConkey's rural-zoned property. Commercial development of that land will create a bottle-neck of traffic at the Cox Road intersection and we should not be expanding any of our Town Centers across Route 4. How can you have a walkable town when you have to cross a 4-lane highway?

  8. It is important to maintain the designations of Major and Minor Town Centers so that Calvert County does not become just like every other jurisdiction with oversized retail chain stores and restaurants. That type of development is not appropriate in the existing Minor Town Centers.

Sign the Petition Opposing the Comprehensive Plan


Please submit your comments by Monday, July 22nd to ensure they are added to the record.

Email them to:




There are numerous reasons the proposed Comprehensive Plan should be rejected. We've summarized a few and created a petition that will be emailed directly to the Commissioners.

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KCC has held 3 forums on the proposed Comprehensive Plan. Watch the video to learn more about the damage this Plan may do to our County if adopted. Now is the time to get involved!

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Miss Our Forum in June 2018?

Dr. Albert Tucker, CEPA President, shared some fascinating information about our aquifers. If you missed it, you can still view his slideshow by clicking below.

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