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About Keep Calvert Country

Founding Members of Keep Calvert Country

Greg Bowen, AICP*

Greg Bowen was born and raised in Calvert County and worked for the Dept. of Planning & Zoning for over 30 years, the last six of which were as Director, until his retirement in 2011. He is currently the Executive Director for the American Chestnut Land Trust (ACLT).

Miriam Gholl, AICP*

Miriam Gholl retired from P&Z in 2011 after over 31 years, the last several of which she helped draft Zoning Ordinances and amendments. In 2016, she helped form the Calvert Coalition for Smart Growth, serving on the Board of Directors as Secretary. 

Sue Kullen

Sue Kullen served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 2004 to 2011 and since that time has remained active in the Calvert Community. She is currently a Project Manager with Seaside Institute and a Consultant with Planning Innovations.

Randi Vogt, AICP*

Randi Vogt was involved in the adoption of Calvert's first Comprehensive Plan ("The Pleasant Peninsula Plan"), which was adopted in 1974. She states that being involved in that process helped her decide she wanted to be a Planner. She joined Calvert P&Z in 1983 and retired in 2009.

Susan Dzurec

Susan Dzurec is a private citizen who volunteers her investigative skills and abundant energy to help Keep Calvert Country stay on top of current issues. She is former owner of Sweet Sue's Bakery in North Beach and is now retired.

Steve Kullen

Until his retirement in 2017, Steve Kullen worked as Watershed Planner for P&Z, where he was responsible for plan development & grant management. Prior to joining P&Z in 2007 & up until the present, he has served as Development Coordinator with Clean Islands International.

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